Gympie Pistol Club.

Welcome to the Gympie Pistol Club
'Safe shooting since 1960'


Air Pistol. ( ISU )
Air Pistol Silhouette.
Black Powder.
Centre fire. (ISU )
El Presedente.
Free Pistol. R/F ( ISU )
Falling Plate. NRA
Holster match.

International Pistol Shooting Confederate ( IPSC )
Mayleigh match. R/F.
Military Pistol. C/F
N.R.A All Matches
Pocket Pistol. C/F, R/F.
Police & Service.
Practical Pistol.
Rapid Fire R/F. ( ISU )
Service Pistol.
Silhouette C/F, R/F.
Sport Pistol. R/F, ( ISU )
Standard Pistol. R/F, ( ISU )
Ten Pin. C/F, R/F, S/S.
Tyro Match. NRA.
Western Action.

The Gympie Pistol Club is a family club. Swearing, bad language or poor behaviour will not be tolerated

The Gympie Pistol Club ranges are Flora and Fauna sanctuaries.

Any infringement of these rules will result in disciplinary action which could result in disqualification from the range for the day or longer.