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Gympie Pistol Club Newsletter:

Gympie Pistol Club Inc.
PO Box 341,
Gympie  Qld  4570

President             Ph:   0408 833 938
Vice President    Ph: 
  0408 868 160

Gympie Pistol Club Inc.
PO Box 341,
Gympie Qld 4570

President Ph: 0408 833 938
Vice President: 0408 868 160
Secretary Ph: 0417 606 198

All members:
                     Please be advised of the change in the committee for the Gympie Pistol Club as of Saturday the 10th of December  2017.
The new Committee members elected are as follows:

Executive Committee

President:  Paul Dale
     Vice President:  Poul Jorgensen
        Secretary:  Joshua Milnes
           Treasurer:  Rob Dunn

Committee Members

Peter Marschall
Stephan Hanson
Christopher Rackemann
Rob Fellingham
Greg Steinhardt

Yours Sincerely

Joshua Milnes

Gympie Pistol Club Inc.
Ph: 0417606198

Thank you all for your patience and support.

Just to clarify the Weapons Licensing Requirements I have copied the below from the QLD Police Website and confirmed with SGT Gerry O'Connor (WLB).
Can a practice shoot count towards my participation shoots?

Yes, if you are the registered owner of at least one (1) Category H weapon in each of two (2) or more classes and provided that you have completed at least six (6) handgun shooting competitions, the difference can be made up of practice shoots.  In order for these practice shoots to be counted towards your participation, they have to be signed off by the Range Officer.
If you are the registered owner of Category H weapons in one (1) class only, you must complete all six (6) shoots in handgun shooting competitions and if this class is for high calibre weapons (Class C - more than .38 inch but not more than .45 inch), all six (6) shoots in handgun shooting competitions must be accredited events.
If a member of an approved pistol club possesses one Class A handgun and two class C handguns, how many club organised shoots must the member participate in for the financial year and how many of these shoots must be handgun shooting competitions?
They must complete eight club organized shoots and competition shoots; six of the shoots must be competition shoots. Four out of these six shoots must be with the C class weapon.

Club Organised Shoot is defined as (a) a practice shoot organised by an approved pistol club; or
                  (b) a handgun shooting competition.

I have also copied the Police Participation Calculator and it shows, if you do not have any Category H Firearms Registered to your Licence you are not required to attend any shoots, but you still must inform the club of this.
If any member requires a copy of the Calculator please call or Email me.
Hope the above clarifies any doubts or misconceptions members may have had with their licence and club obligations.

I hope to meet you all on the range and have a chat and a shoot.

Yours Sincerely
Josh Milnes
Vice Secretary
Gympie Pistol Club

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