Who we are 

Tactical Security Solutions or Tac-Sec maintains the highest standards of ethical behaviour and professional integrity while conducting each and every investigation. Our highly trained specialists operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you’re a victim or a poor relationship, CEO of a multinational company or a worried parent, we provide personal service that is unparalleled and unmatched. Our aim is always to exceed our client’s expectations, while providing the upmost confidentiality and privacy in everything we do.

No private investigations company can make a 100% success rate guarantee. Investigations are at the whim of a myriad of factors, including the movements and behaviour of those being investigated, traffic conditions and even the weather.That’s why – unlike some of our competitors – you won’t see Tac-Sec offering any outlandish gimmicks or guarantees of success.

Got a problem with your security provider or looking for a security solution.......
Are you getting the service your paying for......
We can audit your current situation with your existing security provider and offer realistic solutions to any problem you may be experiencing. Such as.. Alarm time responces and the quality of your existing security patrols
In this economic climate you don't need to be paying good money for an inferior service or a service your not receiving.
We can advise on staff awareness, pro active security measures and more.

We have no alliance with, nor are we affiliated with any security company currently operating in the Wide Bay area.
We do not profit or receive incentives from any other company if we make a recommendation towards them.
We can advise you on how to maintain the best possible security systems for your establishment, your staff, your family and your own personal needs.

When we're working for you, we’ll be doing everything we can to solve your issue in the most ethical and cost effective manner possible.

We guarentee absolute discretion and confidentiality, a high level of professionalism and dedication to customer service and
the use of state of the art equipment and technology.

Tactical Security Solutions private investigations:

Our Private Investigation and surveillance service is used to gather infomation for Commercial, Industrial and Domestic clients in relation to gaining factual and surveillance evidence as to the possibility of:
Insurance fraud
Marital and relationship issues
Workers compensation & personal injury
Missing persons
General fraud
Improper activity in the workplace
Sick leave misuse

What we do

Security Audits and advisory service
Administration audits and solutions
General Investigations
Transport Surveillance
Workplace covert surveillance for harrassment, theft, malingering
Family law
Teenage activity
Staff escorts, armed if required.
Executive escorts
Close Personal Protection, armed if required.
Insurance related matters
Workers compensation matters ( Factual & Surveillance investigations )
Spousal / Marital / Relationship queries.
General surveillance.
Domestic, Commercial and Private Investigations.
Covert surveillance.
OH&S, Work cover and Compensation Investigations
Court briefs


Prices for Close personal protection, Private Inquiry, Factual & Surveillance jobs are calculated on the individual job, risk assesment, and the clients needs. Contact us for further details by phone or email.
All work is purchased in 5 hour blocks payable in advance.

Andrew Mahoney

Tactical Security Solutions
Ph: 0447 447 342
Email : tacsec@bigpond.com

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