'A & S' - Mobile Welding.
Here are some pics from some of the projects I've worked on. Light stands, storm water grates, tree transporting baskets, custom trailers, re-builds and re-fits, heavey duty fully ajustable and transportable work tables, custom roof racking systems, portable & ajustable construction site meter box stands, custom parts for old holdens and harley davidsons, access bridges and more.
Being mobile means that we come to you. We are equipt with the latest 15 amp ( 10.5 KVA )generators and mig welders.
General Engineering & On-site Repairs.
I also build all sorts of driveway and stormwater grates to fit any size trench or opening as well as being the builder & designer of the Eco-Fab tree lifting basket..

A & S Mobile Welding.
       0447 447 342.
Bench slght stands for Matt Doyle Electrical
Out door portable builders / electricians mains power box stands.
The 'Hog Bridge, is an aid for wheeling heavy things over alluminium track work, or other fragile structures.
The structure below is a fully dismantlable and portable heavy duty work table designed and purpose built to support 2.5 tonne of running air con machinery while it's being worked on. The table would be taken apart for transport, then re assembled on site by one man. Simple, easy to store and tough enough for any bench job...
We custom build and modify all sorts of racking for pretty much anything, as well as undertaking all repairs..